Hoppin' 2 Victory
Draft day trade brings playoff MVP to Captain Kengaroos squad
Congrats to the Fury for finally winning D2 with an exciting OT victory over Mantis. Playoff MVP is Pat Kelly, MVF is Tony Haughton of Mantis and MVD Jon Woodward of Fury
Congrats to the Gladiators for Winning the D1 Championship over the Phantoms. Playoff MVP is Sam Keeler
Congrats to Hebrew Nationals for Winning the Draft League with a 5-2(2ENG's) win over Jerry and Silent Bob. Playoff MVP is Ben Fiorello and a special shout out to Jimmy Payne in winning his 1st DL Cup
Congrats to the Mid Atlantic Shot Blocks for winning the Holiday Bash's Women's A Division with a 3-0 victory in the finals over Girls on Top. 0 goals allowed all weekend in 4 games
Congrats to the DC Phantoms for winning the Holiday Bash's D Division in Philly with 2 hard fought OT wins including a 5-4 thriller over Jersey Fresh in the finals where they were down 4-1 in the 3rd
Congrats to Team Philly for Winning COO4 for the 3peat. PHA beat CAN 2-1 in the semi's, PIT-Fay beat NE in a SO 2-1 after 2 OT and PHA beat PIT-Fay 2-1 in the finals
Sunday D1
Sunday D2
C. Kalender | Chuckwagon
T. Houston | No Chopkins
C. Kalender | Chuckwagon
T. Houston | No Chopkins
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Draft Day Trade Crucial in League Title

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